Beef Jerky #18

can you make beef jerky with rump roast


3 lb Rump roast (or similar cut)
1/2 c Light japanese soy sauce
1/4 c Worchestershire sauce
1/4 c White vinegar
1 c Water
1/2 ts Ground ginger
1/4 ts Ground red pepper
1/4 ts Ground black pepper
1 tb Onion powder
1 Clove garlic; smashed


Have the butcher cut your roast in 1/8 inch slice against the grain. OR do it at home. if you don't have good cutlery, have the butcher do it. it won't be worth it!

Cut off the slice of fat on the bottom. separate the two distinct sinews. (you can tell, the grain goes one way on one, and the other way on the other). Trim out the "gristle" that is between them.

Slice the two sinews against the grain into 1/8 inch slices. Mix the soya, and remaining ingredients to make the marinade. Marinade the meat slices for 6 or 8 hours in the fridge.


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