Camp Stew - Mr. B's Recipe

easy camp stew recipe


1    Or more chickens   
2 lg Onions,cut up fine   
2    Twice as many squirrels as         
      Butter beans         
      of pickled pork -or-,Slices         
     -bacon to cover bottom of         
      Red,black pepper & salt to         
      Irish potatoes


Prepare one or more chickens, and twice as many squirrels, as for frying.  Into the bottom of a pot or deep stew-pan, lay slices of pickled pork or bacon, cutting off the rind and rancid parts, if bacon is used.

Put a layer of chicken, one of Irish potatoes peeled and sliced, two large onions cut up fine, butter beans, corn and tomatoes; red and black pepper and salt to taste; a layer of game, then of pork. Finish with a layer of vegetables; cover with water, and, putting on a wellfitting cover, set the vessel where the mixture will simmer gently and steadily for four hours.


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