1 ts Red rice vinegar     
      2 tb Medium sherry   
    3/4 c  Stock         
              Cornstarch paste 
1 1/2 lb Boned pork butt     
     3 tb Peanut oil     
     3    Cloves garlic, minced     
     2    Egg yolks     
     1 ts Water     
     1 c  Fine plain bread crumbs     
     4 c  Oil for deep-frying         
     2 tb Cooked rice   
   1/2 ts Sugar     
     1 ts Dry baker's yeast     
     2 tb Dark soy sauce     
     2 tb Warm water     
     1 ts Wet bean cheese (opt) 


The flavoring of the pork with our version of Fujinese  "wine lees paste" gives it a distinctive and uniquely  delicious flavor.   

Prepare Paste:  Use mortar and pestle to pulverize  cooked rice. Combine with sugar, yeast, soy and warm  water.  Let stand in warm place for 30 minutes to  activate yeast.  Authentic wine lees paste is not  available in the U.S. to our knowledge, this is the  best substitute we have found. You can add wet bean  cheese for a sharper flavor.

Braise Pork:  Slice pork butt across the grain into  strips, 1" by 3" by 1/2" thick.  Heat peanut oil in  wok until it begins to smoke.  Add some of pork to hot  oil; stir-fry pieces until they lose their pink- ness;  repeat in batches until all pork is browned.  Next,  add garlic to wok; stir briefly. Pour in wine lees  paste, rice vinegar, sherry and stock; bring to slow  boil; add pork slices.  Reduce heat, cover, and simmer  for 30 minutes. Remove pork, without sauce, to large platter.  Cool pork.  Cooling is essential so that it will deep-fry  properly.  Reserve sauce in small pan. You can hold  pork for several hours, if you wish to braise it in  advance.   

Deep-fry Pork:  Heat deep-frying oil. While  oil is heating, beat egg yolks with water; set out  bread crumbs on platter.  Dip pork pieces in egg  mixture, then bread crumbs, to thoroughly cover.    When oil is at deep-frying temperature, 375 degrees,  slip in a slice of pork as a test:  pork should  lightly brown in about 1 minute. Place 6 pork slices  on Chinese strainer, and lower into oil, strainer and  all. Check in 2 minutes (browning should take slightly  longer than test because strainer cools the oil).  If  you prefer to fry in larger batches, use more oil.  Remove fried pork to warm platter, uncovered.   

Finish:  Reheat sauce, and pour over pork just before  serving.


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