Cajun Deep Fried Turkey


10 gal Peanut oil   
10 lb Turkey; up to 15 lbs     
 6 ts Salt     
 6 ts Paprika     
 6 ts White pepper     
 6 ts Cayenne     
 6 ts Accent; opt   
16 oz Liquid crab oil concentrate 


NOTE-Not recommended for indoor cooking. Rinse turkey  inside and out. Mix 1 part crab boil concentrate to 4  parts water. Combine dry ingredients with crab boil  solution. Adjust seasoning to taste. Inject turkey  (approximately 2" apart) with mixture using syringe  (available from gourmet kitchen stores.) Cover turkey  with foil and refrigerate over night. Heat oil to  350~.

CAUTION: Use a grease thermometer to monitor the  oil. It may ignite if the temperature goes beyond  375~. Put turkey in basket and CAREFULLY lower it into  the pot. Cook 5 minutes per pound. Check in 1 hour  using a meat thermometer. NOTE-This is a great dish,  but should only be attempted by someone who has  experience with doing this. It is also expensive due  to the large amount of oil needed.


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