Saskatoon Pemmican


  1 c  Jerky,beef or venison     
  1 c  Saskatoon berries or,Dried         
         -dried blueberries     
  1 c  Unroasted sunflower seeds or         
         -crushed nuts of any kind     
  2 t  Honey   
1/4 c  Peanut butter   
1/2 t  Cayenne [optional]


This version uses peanut butter rather than melted suet or lard as the binding agent, which is more palatable for today's health conscious diets.

Grind [or pound] the dried meat to a mealy powder. Add the dried berries and seeds or nuts. Heat the honey, peanut butter and cayenne until softened. Blend. When cooled, store in a plastic bag or sausage casing in a cool dry place. It will keep for months.


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